Thursday, July 3, 2008

Dancing with the stars.

Jeremiah is the type of person who is game for most things. As far as I can tell he almost never turns up his nose at any opportunity to explore uncharted waters.
BUT, I was a little surprised at how enthusiastic his response was when I asked him if he would like to take some dance lessons. I was also thrilled.
I had been wanting a dance partner since I was about 8 and now I was going to be going to dance lessons with my very charismatic energetic boyfriend, and he is just as excited about it as I am!

Mosley's on the Charles in Dedham charges 12 bucks for an hour lesson and three hours of dancing to fairly decent live music. This past week the band was "Trilogy" which features a drummer from the Glen Miller Band.
This Wednesday was our second time, and already we've made friends.
The first night we attended we were warmly greeted by dancers 20 to 40 years our seniors.
The first woman to welcome us informed Jeremiah and I that, "it's nice to have some young people here who will replace us."
She looked to be about 102.

That night we danced the tango and were aided and coached by many seasoned dancers as they made their way around the dance floor.

The first night we showed up with rubber soled shoes that stuck to the dance floor.
As if being in our 20's didn't make us stand out enough, we had to abandon our shoes to even dance.
There we were, a couple of shoeless rugrats amidst folks who have been dancing since Benny Goodman was a nobody.

This time however, we were prepared. Jed found some $2 dance Florsheim leather soled dance shoes at the Goodwill, and I duct taped the soles of my shoes and tied used straps from a flotation device hanging in Jeremiah's apartment to strap the shoes to my dancin'feet.

As soon as we entered we said "hi" to some of our friends from last time.

This one guy Joe (who appears to go pretty regularly and is most likely in his late 60"s, early 70's) dances in bowling shoes and refers to himself as "we".
Of course we didn't know that at first.
During his conversation with Jed, Joe said, "We might go up to the North Shore a few nights, or we sometimes check out a singles dance around town."
Jeremiah responded, "so you guys travel around a lot and dance?"
Joe looks confused, "What do you mean 'you guys'?"

We saw Barbie and Ken too.
No lie, that's their names.
Much like the dolls, they are both very lean and almost equal in height.

Our dance instructor was a spitfire.
First of all she was gorgeous.
A petite blond sporting a navy blue and white floral silk top with some sharp white slacks, her hair was almost platinum and you could imagine her sitting next to Cary Grant as they drove up the coast of the French Riviera a la "To Catch a Thief."
She was a horrible teacher and had the thickest Boston accent you've eva huhd.

"Turn so ya facin' tha baaahh. Bahk step, qwahta turn so that yah back is to the baaahh. Staht again"

The couple beside us could barely understand what she was saying.
This was a couple that we had become familiar with last time because they resemble two people you might have seen dancing at a club in Saigon during Vietnam.
The male wears a mullet-esque Daniel Defoe-type haircut, cargo pants, and a grayish blackish, greenish shirt tucked into his pants which tuck into his combat boots.
The female is Asian, has jet black hair in a long blunt cut, wears a flowy dress, and saunters like a beauty queen.

While I have some good pictures, I wish that we had a couple of us actually dancing together.
I guess ya'll will have to wait until our reality tv show, "Dance till you drop."


  1. Hi Sarah!

    Reading your blog is like a breath of fresh air. How are you doing? You inspired my husband and I to dust off our old dancing shoes and go once again before my surgery. Love your blog. Keep me updated!!

    Take care,
    Ana (Ulchak) Perez

  2. Ana,
    You are such a love.
    You should totally do it.
    I hope the surgery isn't anything too complicated.
    Keep me posted.

    Thank you for checking out my blog.

    love sarah

  3. how awesome! i could totally hear the boston accent, which i happen to love at its nasel-est. :)

    duct tape. there are no words.


  4. Although it is true that my nose is upturned to a scant amount of things, I jump at the chance to be surrounded by the old and super old while holding my young woman close.

    I come from a stock of folks that don't frequent turning the nose up generally. We will gladly attend ho-downs, hootinanies, shindigs, soirees, dog fighting/tupperware parties, and pie eating contests and our noses will stay quite stationary.

    But, we do have our limits. If, say, anyone invited me or any of my kith and/or kin to an engagement centering around the critizing of Calvin's Institutes of the Christian Religion or to lambast the lyrics of Devon Square, our noses might reach an all time high in the realm of upturning.

  5. black africaaaa! oo-way-oo oo-way-oo-ah!