Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Sorry about the lack of posts

It's back to school time so I'm scrambling to write college recommendations for my students.
And as most of you know, I'm also planning a wedding.
But let's talk about the college recommendations.
I have about 10 different college recommendations that I have to write for my students.
All summer long I have been staring at these things hoping that they would write themselves and now it's the 11th hour, and I must get myself in gear.

The challenge is to make them short and sweet. I don't want them to get to long, because Admissions Officers read tons of them and the longer they get, the less the must pay attention to them. But, they have to be chock full of flattering remarks that makes it sounds like I really know these students and admire their character and academic motivations.

Any suggestions for attacking these?
I wish my friend Jess could write them, because she is one of the best writers/editors I've encountered and I could just dictate a few things to her and admissions committees would admit all these kids just because they know someone who could write as well as she does.

To amuse myself while writing these stupid things I will be listening to The Fleet Foxes.

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