Friday, September 26, 2008

Engagement Party!

Here are some pictures from the Engagement Party that my parents threw for Jeremiah and I.
The party was really nice.
I keep telling my folks that they need to open a Bed and Breakfast, they are fantastic entertainers.
The food was amazing and everything was really really nice.
Enjoy the pictures!

Jack and Claire...and me.

Nana and Mum

Nana and Bill

Helena, Lorraine, Cheryl, Sabrina, and Gabby

Heather and Jess

Jean and I

My cousins Pauly and Kristy and Kristy's husband, Patrick

Jack and Claire and Jeremiah in a deep discussion

J and I.

Singing "Happy Birthday" to my dad.

A little picture that I like to call, "our future".

just kidding.

We had so much fun and so much food.
It was a blast.