Tuesday, February 24, 2009

You're invited to the Aarti Paarti!

Have you seen my fabulous sister-in-law's cooking show?!!!? It's mouth-watering, brain stimulating, vision satisfyingly good.
There's humor, beautiful whole foods, comedy, and good old "downright domesticity"!
(Wink wink Seven Bride for Seven Brothers fans)

Well please check out this cooking show. YouTube.com is awesome. You can witness culinary genius taking place in a real kitchen. Free of any pomp and circumstance, Aarti's show is educational, interesting, comical and sincere. One can't help but feel welcomed and at home in Aarti's kitchen...even via cyberspace.

Catch the latest episode here. And don't forget to rate the episode and or become a subscriber.

After the show, if you find yourself "hungry" for some love advice, then I highly recommend this episode of Mike and Deidre: How 2 Love. I think this one's my favorite.



    that is so sweet. :) i'm so glad u like it!!!

  2. It's good stuff. That's all there is to it.