Thursday, March 5, 2009

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday dear Heathie!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy Birthday to yoooooooooooooou.
Today is my baby sister's 23rd birthday.

Here is a picture of baby Heather being fed by my mom, while Jeremiah (yes, my husband) climbs up on the table.

Isn't that so cute.
Bad quality, sorry. The photo was in rough shape.

One of my favorite stories about Heather as a baby is actually about her and my brother Ryan.
When Ryan and Heather were little, Ryan used to climb into her crib and pull down all the stuffed animals (and we're talking 30) into the crib so that they were surrounded.
Later on, my mum or I would go in and find them both asleep in crib buried under all of the animals.
One of my other favorites takes place in a department store.
My mom had Heather and I with her while she did some shopping. Heather was about 5 so I was 9.5. My mom was looking through the racks and I was helping her look. Suddenly we couldn't find Heather.
My mom started panic while we looked around everywhere trying to shout her name without alarming too many people.
All of the sudden little tiny Heather emerges from the inside of one of those racks. Her eyes looked especially large and all of her hair was either plastered to her head or standing on end from the static electricity.
She looked at us both and said, "Hi Mum," in this tiny little voice.
She looked so cute and funny that my mom couldn't even be mad with her.
We were both so relieved to have found her anyway.
I think that my mom took us for ice cream at Brigham's after that.

This is a picture of us at Christmas. I think it was Christmas 88. Heather was 2 almost 3 at the time.

This is Heather (on the left), my other sister Coleen (middle), and I at Christmas a few years ago.

Happy Birthday Heather! I love you dearly and I am so happy to have you as my sister. Thank you for the many ways in which you love and support me. You are one in a million.


  1. awwww that was really cute sarah! i love that even at that age, jed needed to steal other people's food. :)

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