Monday, June 16, 2008

My idea of the perfect Saturday involves the following: yard sale and thrift shopping, driving around listening to music, a swift romp through Boston, painting and great pizza.

Well add good company, Unibroue, and some tango practice and you have my Saturday this week.

Wednesday was my last day of school and Thursday marked my first official day of summer.
I am planning on working this summer, but since school ended I have just been taking it easy and enjoying my free time.

So, on Saturday Jed and I decided to tackle some things on our to-do list, and by "to-do" list I mean, things we like "to-do" to have fun list.

Unfortunately I didn't snap any pics at the yard sale and or thrift stores, but I did get a great pic of the pizza we got. The Pizza is from Il Mundo, a fantastic pizza joint on Hungtington Avenue right near Mission Hill in Roxbury. Whenever we get it I end up eating most of the pizza before we even get home. In case you didn't know, I can eat my weight in pizza, and popcorn.

While waiting for our pizza we sat at the Squealing Pig and had a Fin du Monde, which is a delicious dark beer by Unibroue. The Squealing Pig is a great little bar that features these toasted sandwiches. We never get them though because we love the pizza around the corner so much. Nevertheless, as far as pizza waiting rooms go, this bar is the keenest.

Once back in Miltappan, we Jed and I practiced our tango moves (we've had one lesson thus far) and then painted. My painting hiatus has finally ended and I am pleased with the fact that I'm getting back into one of my favorite pastimes.

Ahh, what a taxing day.

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  1. what a great day! unibroue always gives good companionship. :)