Friday, June 6, 2008

Anywhere I lay my head.

Hello there, Today is my first post on my new blog. I decided to feature my new little cottage. As some of you may know I was looking for somewhere new to live and by the grace of God I found this adorable little carriage house. It's in the historic town of Hingham (where I teach) and is owned by a very nice mom and two kids.
A picture's worth a thousand words,
so here's 10 000 words.


  1. adorable! i love that the living room is RED. and that the patio comes with adirondack chairs. i covet those.



  2. Sarah, it's sooooo cute. I love it, and I love that I can now picture the place you go home to each night. Give Zucca a scratch for me! Love, Jenn

  3. It's so cute!
    It's so funny how you can look, look, look for things, and then, when you're not expecting all that much, something lovely and perfect comes along...

  4. It's so enchanting! What a gift from God to you, dearheart.

    Perhaps if I make it up to Boston I can come & see it in person. Keep me posted about whether you are coming to NYC. It's a pit compared to where you are, though. I feel bad for people who live in NYC.

    Zucca sure looks like she is happily ensconced in your fairy tale cottage.

    x * o * x * o